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How to reasonably choose the pump, we're here to help you.
 In order to select right model, Please fill in the List in detail!

  the pump model number, work place number:
  use method, point out the model mumber:
  The material request:
  the filtrate part:
  the axes seal format:
  decide by factory:
  petrochemical industry petrochemical equipment chemical equipment electric equipment manufacture equipment HVAC equipment machine equipment city project water treatment capital construction project seawater desalting project food project semiconductor liquid crystal display plate equipment spin printer project pharmacy equipment frontline factory equipment gas project scientific research equipment paper making equipment environment protect project water supply& sewerage project smelt project
  Electrical motor request:
  power KW       Class r/min
  Electrical kinds:
   single-phase three-phase 200V 330V 50HZ 60HZ other
   full sealing outer install type     in room   out room
   safe anti-burst type     in room   out room
   pressure stand anti-burst type     in room    out room
   without Electrical motor
  Liquid station:
   liquid name: chinese name   english name
   chemical symbol
   temperature operate ¡æ      max ¡æ
   proportion Viscosity        thickness viscosity
   solid matter have/no flexible / contain hard %
   PH       NPSH
   sucking diameter            disgorge diameter
   outlet pressure            flux

      Company name          Linkman:
      Department:          TEL:  
      FAX:          Qty (need):