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Kaicheng like-minded welcome you to join us.

Shanghai Kaicheng Pump Manufactory Co., Ltd.the company always adhere to the talents as the first resource of the enterprise, is committed to the establishment of a fair, competitive, incentive, efficient employment mechanism, and create a conducive working environment for staff personal development, open up more channels to attract talent, not to stick to one pattern to use talent, try various devices to meet the needs of personnel training, incentive talent, sentiment to retain talent, to maximize the potential of the human resources.

Open up more channels to attract talent.
The spirit of "fair competition, strict examination, preferred employ, two-way selection" principle, Kaicheng break geographical boundaries, to establish a reasonable flow in the system, the staff more than 70% from all over the country. The company every year to participate actively in all parts of the country's talent recruitment, and all the year round through the network recruitment. At present, according to the needs of the development of the enterprise business strategy, the company positioning, focus on the cultivation of talents in foreign trade, for the next step to expand the international market and integration of knowledge at different levels talents required, for consolidating foundation work. ¡¡¡¡
Not to stick to one pattern to use talent.
The company set up the competition and assessment mechanism, bold enable outstanding young talents. The company through the rotation, transfer, promotion and other means, not to stick to one pattern to use talents, cultivate a large number of comprehensive quality excellent young managers.
To meet the need of talent incentive.
According to Maslow's needs theory in the needs of different groups of different level, company analysis needs of different groups of employees, and take different incentive measures to meet their needs. Companies invest a lot of money, set up high-tech industrial park, modern dormitory, canteen, entertainment center, provides a comfortable working and living environment for the staff; company developed a strict examination system, examination results directly hook and wage and selection of appointment, the enthusiasm of the staff is greatly improved; Shanghai Kai Cheng respect every employee, in front of the system of the company, everyone is equal.

History always believe, talent is the source of strength of the! Kaicheng pump industry adhere to the "people-oriented in the years of struggle, leading technology" management philosophy, has made brilliant achievements. In the new century trip personnel to develop the project as the company's long-term to catch. Kaicheng pump sincerely welcome professional elite to join, and to all the personnel training, arouse the enthusiasm of the employees and the enterprise ownership, make this dedication, active, creative work, to realize their value in their respective positions.
The company is the implementation of the "50 talent project", in the enterprise to establish a set of perfect staff training and incentive mechanism, a comprehensive mining company employees across the potential and enthusiasm, to realize the Kaicheng business goals and never stop fighting, the company existing staff more than 300 people. Management staff more than 80% have a college degree on, production staff of more than 90% for a high school diploma. Fully equipped with modern industrial enterprises on the scale of grades, characteristics. For the company to achieve the group, has laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of the goal.