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Kaicheng welcome you to join us.

Joining requirements:
1, In compliance with national laws, regulations under the premise of the normal course of business to expand
2, Willing to accept Kai Cheng pump support and management of the marketing system
3, An independent legal entity (or a certain economic base)
4, Pump marketing have some knowledge, has the entity doing business and have the experience and the ability of certain development
5, Should have a certain force alone expand the market or in a particular industry with a strong industry background
6, In a region with a particular customer base complementary to our business, has a good local reputation and the reputation of the industry
7, Realistic business plan, the ability to complete the agreed sales
8, Fixed work place
9, To accept the terms of the Cooperation Agreement

Affiliate Programs:
1, Consulting and completing the application form
2, S copy of the applicant's identity card one and two 1-inch according
3, By hand in one business day
4, There is an agreement signed