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TITLE:Concrete Machinery Standardization Technical Committee was formally established
  By the National Standardization Management Committee, by Zoomlion national building contractor construction machinery and equipment Concrete major mechanical Standardization Technical Committee for Standardization Technical Committee at the inaugural meeting in March 27, 2008 was held in Changsha, Hunan.

     The meeting was chaired by the Hunan Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Qi Jiang, deputy director of the new chair. National Standardization Administration of China Machinery Industry Federation, the provinces and cities in the leadership of quality and technology supervision department, concrete machinery industry as well as brothers and industry representatives and representatives of more than 40 people attended the event. National Standardization Administration of LU Xu-Zhong at the meeting read out a concrete mechanical standardization of sub-technical committee approved the establishment of documents, as well as 32 members issued letters of appointment. At the meeting, the Committee discussed and approved the standardization of concrete machinery sub-technical committee charter details the work of the Secretariat to discuss the Committee's work plan to identify the main points of clear standard framework of concrete machinery and discuss a number of recognized standards for the drafting of a new project to the work of the Committee the smooth development of a solid foundation.

     Concrete Machinery newly formed Technical Committee for Standardization sub-sector enterprises and institutions by the Institute elected by the old, the green of the three generations of technology, management experts, the Secretariat of the Changsha Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd. joint commitment. Quality and Technical Supervision in Hunan Province during the Preparatory Committee, gave a strong support.

It is understood that the Board's main functions are: The standardization of the major principles, policies and technical measures, is responsible for organizing the development of professional standards of the table; the national, industry-standard system, the amended plans and annual plans and organizations formulate, revise, review and review work; bear the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee, such as the corresponding counterparts of the job, such as the standardization of technical operations.

     Construction machinery industry as an important component of the national economy of concrete construction machinery industry plays a very important supporting role. Concrete machinery industry in our country over the past decades after the fight, has gradually participate in the international market competition in order to 'in conjunction' as part of the representatives of their own brands already have a globally competitive. Chinese concrete machinery industry to fierce international competition in the win, the upgrading of standards and international standards to enhance adaptive capacity is critical, it is necessary to increase industry standardization efforts, to speed up the standard system of concrete construction machinery.

 Country of concrete machinery attaches great importance to the development of the industry, given the focus of support. After two years at the Commission during the preparation, by the National Standardization Management Committee guidance, have been China Machinery Industry Federation, the provincial government, provincial and municipal quality and technology supervision department of the great help the whole industry has been full of various units Support. Our country as the newly formed concrete mechanical technology major focal point of the standardization of technology organizations, the standardization of concrete machinery sub-technical committee responsible for our country the level of concrete to enhance mechanical standards of responsibility.