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TITLE:Shanghai to upgrade sewage treatment system sewage treatment rate of expansion during the year 75%
  March 22 is 'World Water Day.' Shanghai Water Authority announced that on the 21st, the city's sewage treatment system in Shanghai is in full expansion upgrade, this year the city sewage treatment rate will rise to 75%, chemical oxygen demand will further reduce emissions.

     Shanghai Water Authority said, in order to further promote emission reduction efforts to prevent water pollution in Shanghai, Shanghai is speeding up construction of sewage treatment facilities of the pace of

 . This year, Shanghai will complete Bailonggang upgrade sewage treatment plant expansion project, making it the largest and most advanced sewage treatment plant. At the same time achieve the outskirts of 11 sewage treatment plants and pipe network to collect, third-phase project of the Suzhou River supporting pipe network construction and put into operation, and push forward the transformation of the Western Route and Bailonggang sludge treatment works construction.

     According to the Shanghai Water Authority said that this year, Shanghai will be added daily sewage handling capacity 1,210,000 cubic meters, a new sewage collection pipes 500 km, the basic realization of the Center City District sewage collection pipe network-wide coverage, rural sewage treatment facilities will cover the cities and towns 90%. The city's sewage treatment capacity will reach 6.76 million cubic meters per day of urban sewage treatment rate reached 75%.

     Last year, Shanghai's new and expansion of the 10 sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment, such as a group of three major sewage treatment project was basically completed and put into operation. Year daily average net increase of sewage treatment capacity of 701,800 cubic meters, a sewage treatment plant, chemical oxygen demand was higher than on the reduction of 23,000 tons a year new, over-achieve the relevant emission reduction targets.

     According to the Director of the Shanghai Municipal Water Horse drainage Far East that the next 5 years, Shanghai will be the basic form-based pollution control, pollutant first, both temporary and permanent cures of water environmental protection system, the city's sewage treatment facilities will reach deal with every day more than 7.2 million cubic meters, sewage treatment rate rose to 85%.