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TITLE:Iron ore raw meterials hikes price,pump and valve industry go from here?
  'Now, give customers a single quotation is usually valid for only three days.' On the road in Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Gold steel spot market,a seller Mr Haung told the reporter.

     Iron ore prices led to a new round of steel price increases, after the Spring Festival, various types of steel, profiles, wire rod, cold price of hot-rolled plates are a different range of prices. February 25, China Iron and Steel Association issued a statement that the steel industry will enter a time cost, the domestic steel prices this year will continue to run at high. In Zhejiang, shipbuilding, steel structures, parts, hardware, automotive and other steel industry will face the test of the rising costs of steel.

     Steel frequent price adjustment, wholesale distributor carefully

     Iron and steel trade at a major home of the web charts recent on domestic steel prices may see a sharp upward curve. Which is behind the curve, the steel mills led by Baosteel is to increase the ex-factory price of steel. Major domestic steel producers, there are 126 emergency increase after the Chinese New Year at the ex-factory price, and some are even within a week two or three-day winning streak.

     'Last week, several times on the rise, up 50 yuan each, 100 million.' Zhejiang gold market distributor of steel She told reporters, making the current prices of steel has more than 5,000 yuan / ton, at a historic high.

     According to 'My steel net' of the transaction data the Department of Zhejiang Province, years ago, for the machinery manufacturing and shipbuilding industries, price sheet at 4800 yuan / tons in 5200-5300 yuan / tons of high consolidation. The building of steel reached 500 to 600 yuan after the Chinese New Year.

     'Although, as with vegetables, high purchase price, prices have been increased, but high prices on many goods did not dare enter.'seller manage Mr huang said that there is now way to re-purchase orders,quickly sell and buy, he gave the customer a single quotation is valid only 3 days.

     Manufacturers move to resolve the cost of stress

'Our products are of ordinary carbon steel, raw materials prices from more than 4000 yuan per ton last year, rising to near 6,000 yuan per tonne now. 800 tons of materials a year with only a profit on it shrunk 1.60 million.' Ningbo, a Hardware Tools Manufacturing exports in particular business executives complain that Mr. Reporter.

     He said that would have cost to upgrade, to upgrade the quotation, but if one day a price will certainly have to run away the customers. Thus, in order to keep their customers, the stability of business-oriented for the post part of Clients pick and choose that most customers will understand. On the other hand, the workers through training, increase production efficiency, so that part of the cost can be reduced.

     Haiyan fastener industry is also facing the pressure of rising costs. Brother Standard Part Co., Ltd.executives Guweiping told reporters that the U.S. has a number of products, along with rising costs, the profit will certainly be reduced. Therefore, some of them through the development of new products, enhance the value-added products to ease the cost pressures. Earlier this year, 'Brothers' set up a research and development center is devoted to the development of high value-added products, for sales of new products this year, the proportion reached 50%.

More use of steel for the shipbuilding industry, in addition to the steel hull, thus pushing up the pieces of steel for the basic price of the equipment. 'At high steel prices, increased the risk of Order.' Hop Hing Shipyard Zhejiang keep Chairman Chen Yu said. The shipyard is located in Wenling pine door, once the largest fishing base in Asia, from the beginning of 2004 after 10,000 tons cargo building. Chen Cun-Yu told reporters that because of the shipbuilding cycle is longer, generally about a year, during which the risk of fluctuations in raw materials, in accordance with international practice, to bear by the shipyard. Today, steel prices rose, engulfing all the profits of the shipyard. At present, the main approach is to detect steel prices in the first step before the purchase of steel, low-cost to be shared.

     When the high steel prices as a normal

     Iron and steel, as domestic online transactions, an important platform for consultation, 'Steel My Net' Steel Division of the Deputy Director-Bin Song told reporters that since 2007, steel prices are essentially cost-push type. On the one hand, a sharp rise in iron ore prices this year, prices will rise 65%; the coke and steel on the other hand, the scarcity of resources, resulting in steel production capacity can not be fully released.

     Look from the transactions, because there is some preliminary inventory, the downstream enterprises in the high reduction of procurement. At present, after a round of rapid increases in steel prices, a situation of short-term consolidation. Zhejiang enterprises and a low-volume transactions, a number of characteristics, are worried that high-risk businesses to take the risk of acts of resistance.

Expert analysis of the overall point of view, at this year's steel prices will remain high, but sub-loan crisis in the United States because of the impact of export demand, coupled with the government's macroeconomic regulation and control, and there is a downward 'inversion' of the risks, related businesses want at any time concerned about the macro-surface policy change, ready to do a good job-related response.