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TITLE:Non-blocking design of pump impeller structure
  With the development of science and technology, pumping solid-state material transport applications growing, such as sewage effluent, pulp sludge, ash, food starch, sugar beet fruits, fish and shrimp shells, and so on. Transport of such substances on the pump has two main requirements: First, no plug, are two wear-resistant. Mainly related to the wear-resistant material, non-plug depends primarily on the structure of the impeller.

     At present, as a non-plug the pump impeller of the main structure of the form are as follows:

     1. Open-or semi-open impeller;

     2. Swirl impeller;

     3. Single (double) flow impeller;

     4. Screw centrifugal impeller.

     These types of non-blocking characteristics of each impeller for different occasions, as follows:

     Open-or semi-open impeller - such as increased wear and tear clearance, pump performance, bad performance and no plug, can not transport large particles, long fiber material;

     Swirl impeller - no good to plug the performance, good wear resistance suitable for conveying large particulate matter, this does not affect poor, the role of damage on the delivery of materials, and to transport gas with the liquid, does not fit with a long fiber transmission fluid;

     Single-flow impeller - the non-destructive materials to the delivery of better, non-blocking performance, suitable for conveying granular material of long fiber and better wear resistance, but to balance the demanding run of bad balance;

     Double-channel impeller - through capacity less than the single flow channel, but the flow is symmetrical, balanced performance and stable, suitable for high head, large flow pump;

     Screw centrifugal impeller - not to plug a good fit with particles in the liquid and fiber material, the material on the conveyor devastating small, non-destructive nature that is good, but require a higher balance