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TITLE:Commonly used standard valves

Standard code name

 GB               National Standard

 GB / T        National standards recommend

 ZB            industry standards (Professional Standards)

 JB            Machinery industry standard (the original) machine-building industry standards

CVA            China valve industry standard

 Valve standard used abroad

 Standard code name

 ISO        international standards

 ANSI        American National Standards

 BS         United Kingdom National Institute of Standards

 DIN        German national standard

 NF          French national standard

 JIS           Japanese Industrial Standards

 ASME        American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard

 ASTM         American Society for Testing and Materials standards

 AISI           American Iron and Steel Institute Standard

 API           American Petroleum Institute standard

MSS           Valve and Pipe Fittings American Association for Standardization standard

 AWS          American Welding Society standards

 ASI          The United States Institute of specification standards

 MIL          The United States military standard

 JPI            Japan Petroleum Institute standards