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TITLE:The development of China's small and medium-sized General Motors

  In recent years, China's exports of small and medium-sized motor trend was increasing substantially year after year, has become the electrical industry, one of five main export products. According to statistics, the motor industry sales in 2006 reached 120 million kilowatts output, an increase of 17%; profit of 20 billion yuan, up 30%. Among them, the small and medium-sized AC motor exports in 2006 reached 1.633 billion U.S. dollars; micro-and sub-horsepower electric motor in 2006 reached 1.972 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 24.5%.

 Some experts predict that China's motor industry exports this year will continue to maintain a 15% to 20% of the growth momentum.

 The gradual integration of the industry structure

 At present, our country exports 90% of the electrical market in Asia, North America and Europe won. Three major markets are the average export unit price to achieve the faster growth. This year, exports to Japan fell fastest average export unit price, lower by 8.3%.

 AC Motor China's major export markets are Hong Kong, China, the United States, Japan, Korea, Italy, Thailand and Germany, the export volume has reached 70%. Exports to the U.S. market and the average unit price by 30% the speed of growth; for the exports of the Korean market a double-digit decline in 2006 declined by 10.4%. The Hong Kong market to Chinese exports increased by 12.3%, exports increased by 21.3% year-on-year, the average unit price up 25%.

China's motor to the global top ten export markets of Japan, Thailand and India, these three markets the decline in prices shows that Japan, Thailand and India, the price competitive market.

 In addition, in recent years, the state-owned enterprises in the export of AC motor's absolute dominance in the drop in exports accounted for only 20.7 percent, in a wholly foreign-owned enterprises.

 Private enterprises and collective enterprises in the proportion of exports accounted for 12% and 5.4%, a very rapid development has become an important force that can not be ignored. Over the years the export of private enterprises are relying on the general electric price war to win. In 2006, by a variety of factors, exports of private enterprises Motor price war has been changed this situation, export growth of 50% of the average unit price more than businesses in a wide-ranging nature of the first growth, which is a welcome change and a good development trend.

 Technical barriers to be crossed

 Judging from the product structure, production and generation of domestic product life AC motor cycle is too long, can not adapt to changes in market demand. Must quickly adjust product structure, improve the rapid production of high-performance AC motor and output level.

 It is reported that the EU will soon follow the example of the United States on imported AC motor set 'high' technical barriers, other countries will also have to follow up to protect its domestic peers. If not adjust the product structure to adapt to this change, there is a large number of enterprises will fall into the passive.

 Some experts believe that China's manufacturing enterprises to strengthen the necessary self-discipline, industry associations, chambers of commerce to guide enterprises to price competition from the simple change to the quality of competition and service competition table. Combination of the Customs and Excise Department in 2007 pre-trial price of motor qualified export enterprises to review and increase the export enterprises of AC motor control, to prevent false contracts through the reported fraud, up from the source to stop acts of unfair export. Safeguard the rights of law-abiding enterprises, and guide enterprises to improve product quality and production efforts on high-performance AC motor so that the export to maintain sustained, healthy and high-speed development.

Under such circumstances, the European Union while China's exports has been limited, but is also conducive to the technical strength of our country, in that they can meet the 'high efficiency' requirements of technical barriers to large-scale manufacturing enterprises to enter the European market, while not subject to price competition factors.

 Steadily before the future

 In recent years, China's motor manufacturing industry macroscopic structure of industries and products are constantly adjusted, the current formation of small and medium-sized motor industry has a relatively complete industrial system, varieties, specifications, performance and production to meet the basic needs of national economic development needs of our country. Some experts predict that this year, China's small and medium-sized motor industry will be sustainable development.

 September 14, 2006, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a circular five ministries, the electrical is as a 'major technical equipment, some IT products and bio-pharmaceutical products as well as some National industrial policy to encourage exports, such as high-tech products, the export tax rebate from 13% to 17%. '

 This fight for the electrical industry in 2007 to a development opportunity will be at a certain extent, ease the current electric market competition, the question of raw materials soaring.

     At the same time, experts have analyzed the electrical needs of the export market will become stable for a considerable period of time, communicate in the international market demand for the motor is also very impressive, and will continue at a rapid growth phase. With the electrical products to further expand overseas markets, small and medium-sized motor in the export quantity, variety, product levels, the amount of foreign exchange will be a major breakthrough. How the next few years into the international market, to secure more market share for a period of time will become an important lifeline. Necessary according to market-oriented agriculture, rural areas and farmers 'three rural' products and the potential for more environmental protection products.

In addition, our country of the European Union, the Inter-American market prospects for export motor, is one of the main reasons the United States on imported AC motor threshold high because of the strict technical requirements, so China can only communicate motor manufacturers to improve product quality at up efforts to curb the fighting Price war.

 Have expert analysis, the electrical products in the domestic market demand will remain stable and effective growth. Electricity, automobiles, home appliances, such as the rapid development of the consumer goods industry and their technological advances, the rapid replacement products will expand the demand for electric space industry on the other hand, the electrical demand in the international market, high-growth stage, especially small and medium-sized electric products, exports and gradually increase the grade of products. Future demand factors and macroeconomic environment continues to support economic growth in the industry. Electrical Products industry restructuring, technological upgrading and restructuring industry trend will become more pronounced.

 On the long-term development trends, industry concentration, market competition, product quality and other factors will impact on industry profits are the key factors. Enterprises, changes in export policy, trade barriers and raw material cost factors such as good or bad will of the existence of the Chinese motor industry development and investment challenges and opportunities. Electric Chinese enterprises need in terms of scale, technology, products, management level to enhance competitiveness and integrate into the international market.