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TITLE:Pump valve industry to accelerate innovation "into a new era."
  Start from the beginning of 2001, heat pump, after 5 years of cultivation, it is estimated that from the beginning of China's pump industry turn into long-term , to 2006,only air source heat pump market scale reached 10 million. From the South China market, the heat pump at 60 degrees is not only a commercial center following a comprehensive alternative to traditional water heating fuel, electric boiler, villas and other high-grade consumption at home is also a growing alternative to traditional gas, electric water heaters have become a symbol of the elite, the South China the most influential real estate brand 'Country Garden' and can testify.

The rapid development of heat pump sector, on the one hand due to nervous energy makes more and more obvious advantages of energy-saving heat pump, on the other hand, to join forces with the multi-industry and promote technological innovation has a great relationship. According to the main technical and marketing team of well-known team from the refrigeration business, 'Kelon Group' in Guangzhou Ltd. 9 Constant introduction of new energy sources, the company introduced in the latest air-source heat pump water heater on the application of the 'dynamic heat exchange technology, high efficiency rotary flow heat exchanger, electronic expansion valve smart savings, crystal liner care 'four innovative technologies and the international allocation of common configuration with the original sleeve-type, coil or plate heat exchanger expansion valve and pressure of the heat pump system compared On the one hand, the thermal efficiency of its products has been greatly enhanced ability to work simultaneously at low temperature has also greatly improved; on the other hand, generally poor water quality for our country, Copper Coil pipe built-in water tank corrosion situation easily, the dynamic exchange of hot water tanks diskless tube structure, which greatly improve the life of a water heater, a fundamental solution to the current ordinary air source heat pump of the tank facing the brass easy to crack, easy corrosion problems caused by abandoned water tank, heat pump technology from abroad indicates that parking goods begin to move toward the combination of China's national conditions and development of the road of independent innovation.

In the domestic United States and also try to adopt a similar structure.

With the heat pump 'new forces' to join the development and technological innovation, heat pump industry is from the disorder, chaos of the early development of the express industry into a new era.