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TITLE:Analysis of the three major reasons for water pump pumping bad
Pump violent vibration

Possible electrical rotor imbalance, or combination of bad coupling, bearings wear bending; rotating parts may also be loose, broken; may be a result of pipeline are not solid, such as stents. Can be taken to adjust, repair, reinforcement, and other ways to deal with the replacement.

Pipe leakage water or leakage gas

Installation probably is not screwed tight nut. If the leakage is not serious, may be at the place of gas leakage or water leakage applied asphalt cement or mixing of the slurry oil. Temporary repairs can be more coated wet mire or soft soap. If the leakage in the joint can be tightened by hand nut. Leakage must be serious disassembly.

Filling overheating

More because filling to squeeze too tightly, not the cooling water into the filler, or damaged shaft surface. Can be relaxed to take appropriate filler, such as clean-up measures to plug the pipe closure. Fill the wear and tear must be replaced with new ones. With pre-installed in the oil soaked, turn-by-turn into the incision to be staggered, so that leakage can be reduced. Fitted well the last lap after packing, loading pressed to cover operation and then adjust tightness.

pump non-absorbent or non-drainage

The reason for the many cards at the end of die valve, part of the blockage of water, high water or water leakage is too high, it is not possible due to shift, rotation Road leaf blockage. After checking through them one by one can be taken separately at the end of valve repair, clear the blockage and to correct steering, cleaning and other measures to deal with the impeller.