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TITLE:National Day holiday notice
Dear customers and friends:


     All staff of ShangHai kai cheng pump at this express deep thanks for a long period of time you have given concern and support!

In view of the National Day has belong to a statutory holiday, in order to cope with the normal work of the National Day holiday will now notice the following:

Vacation time:September 29 to October 5 is holiday. Among them, Oct 1, Oct 2, and Oct 3, for the statutory holidays, September 29,(Saturday),September 30,(Sunday) to the two holidays instead of September 27(Monday), September 28( Tuesday) is rest. Sep,27(Saturday), Sep,28(Sunday) to go to work.Oct,4(Saturday),Oct,5 (Sunday) is holiday as usual.

     Production and sales during this period is only a temporary arrangement on duty, all postganglionic business remain open.

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